Randomness and procrastination.

Two of my profs, back to back, used brand-new dry erase markers in class. Now I have a headache, my tummy hurts, and I’m curiously exhausted, despite the fact that I got a decent amount of sleep last night.

My Comp Arch team and I had a shit-ton of fun cussing out professors during our meeting this evening. We also requested an extension from our prof so that we can actually have some time to do a good job on this particular milestone. We are so close to having a very good processor, but having to turn in something shitty this week could hurt our grade unduly. Unduly because we’re spending our time studying for exams (including Comp Arch’s, and its homework assignment), and because there’s absolutely nothing due (in any class) next week. Yay Comp Arch, anyway, though. Xilinx’s StateCAD is my bitch.

Audioscrobbler is fun. Michael introduced me to it back during the summer, and George reminded me of it recently. I reset my track list fourteen days ago, and I’m already up to 1125 tracks. Obsessive music listening, mos def.

Haha. You can even see the single tracks played again and again on the Recent Tracks…