Gotten the bug

That’d be the writing bug. I’m not nearly so efficient as Elf (but then, who is?), as I only managed 662 words in the forty minutes I took this morning to write, but they were the first 662 words, and once I get started, I can ramble for days.

But now I want to shuck homework to write. Bad Lissa. I haven’t done it, as I’m hoping for some quality writing time either Friday night or Saturday morning (or both, depending on social events occuring, or not), where I can cough up some of these ideas running in circles in my brain (I’m not, by any means, an organized writer).

But Friday evening is several days, tests, and nights away… Instant gratification calls. And my slacker mentality, because this Comp Arch homework is whooping my ass, which does not bode well for my test Thursday night.

I’ve decided that written Comp Arch is bad stuff. Hands-on, or mice-on, is good. Sitting around adding and subtracting binary numbers to do multiplication sucks big ones.

It’s all for the better, most likely, though. Expansion of knowledge and all that.

What also sucks is when someone says, “You don’t pay a lot of attention, do you?” in a conversation where the possible interpretations of that are… interesting. Which, of course, sends my brain back to analyze so many different things that Comp Arch becomes nearly undoable. The thought process is sheer reflex despite the fact that I know am fairly certain it was a joke. Apparently my self-control is at an all-time low today.

I am being tutored in DISCO tonight, though, which is a good thing. I just hope the good doctor doesn’t get pizza on my notes and that Big V doesn’t stop by to crash the party…