Never in all my years of math…

… have I heard of round odd or round even. Um? If the digit to the right is five or greater, round up. Otherwise, truncate.


  • Adam

    Yeah, I just heard this thing last week while working on my meatballs project. And I was like, “What?” My group members said they have been doing this since high school, and it was taught in class at the beginning of the year. I must have been asleep that day. I felt like I was schizophrenic for the last 10 years. I had to ask Javid if I was totally losing it or something, but he told me he didn’t know anything about this rule. So that made me feel better. Unless Javid is my imaginary roomate.

  • Javid

    Lets try and stay out of the complex plane. The 3 dimensions here are plenty for me. Oh and I did a little research into the whole odd and even thing, and it is a commonly used practice in statistics, but I haven’t seen it used elsewhere.