*cough*photo galleries*cough*. Commenting isn’t enabled yet, since my host hasn’t allowed write-permissions to the relevant directory yet. Give it a couple of hours.

This is all prompted by the number of photos taken recently, including a nice one of a certain lying bastard in a suit, who recently blamed me for a prank I didn’t even do…

Blackmail material, biatch.

I’ve also got up the bulk of the answers to that ancient “three questions” meme I fell through on over a month ago. *blush* I’m such a bad person. But, among other gems, there’s a picture of me and Mae, and one of Sexy Short Stuff (although I have one of him a suit that I want to post…).

A couple of birthday pictures are up, as well.

Update: I’m horrible about linking. The website of the author of the photo catalog I installed, which is a fast, sexy, easy-as-hell-to-setup script that I found via ASP Resource Index.


  • Ivan Loire

    Seems to be working now 🙂

    Hi Lissa,

    It is Iván, the author of the sexy easy-as-hell-to-setup script.

    The comments seems to be working now [:)]

    I’m glad you liked it.

    Best regards,


  • Javid

    Well I couldn’t comment, maybe I am dumb, but anyways I was quite surprised to see a certain someone posing in a picture, especially with such a petulant smile of happiness.