Holy shiznit.

My DISCO II professor just got changed.

I suspect I am unbelievably fucked. Big V’s advice was to drop the course and take something else (Diff Eq. II?), but I also very much want to get this sequence over with so that I never have to count again.

If I’m spending four to six hours a night on homework from someone who is supposedly the best prof at Rose on the subject, what in tarnation am I going to do with this prof, who Dr. 7 (in particular) has gone out of his way to avoid having?

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  • Hillary

    Shit, that really sucks. I heartily recommend switching to DE II (which is, in fact, a lot easier overall than I).

    They’ve got good professors teaching all the sections this term (although I thought that Dr. G really only taught 223 and the DISCO; my bad). I really liked Dr. L (from whom I took LinAlg) and apparently S is a hardass, but really good professor.

    I can explain in more detail if I ever see you again… 😛