Grades were… better than expected. The two classes I struggled with consistently and put the most time into due to my ignorance throughout the quarter had the lowest grades–awesome–but the grades weren’t “slit my wrists and leave Rose” grades. I suspect some grade scale juggling in my other two classes, but honestly, the grades don’t do so bad in reflecting both my understanding of the material (in all four) and my levels of enjoyment of the classes.


  • Jenny

    congrats on the grades, at least the not slitting your wrists part – and boo for not leaving rose.

    ps i think you should move in with me (or at least forward your mail to my parents’ house) so you can still be an in-state resident. k?

  • Luke

    That’ll learn you to argue with me. 😛

    Told you your grades would be just fine and guess what…they were.