Challenge du jour.

Writing at least 2k words or a complete part (chapter) from the perspective of an oppositely-gendered person. In other words, writing a chapter in a standard non-omniscient third-person perspective that lives in a male character’s head…

I’ve never lived in a guy’s mind. How’s it work, I wonder?


  • Luke

    Guys think about 3 things: 1.) Sex 2.) Food 3.) Sleep.

    That’s it. Well, some guys think about sports. Other than that guys minds don’t do much.

  • Lissa

    It’s disturbing…

    … when two of my friends who’ve never met and live 700 miles away from each other concur on something as weird as the idea that men only think about food, sex, and sleep. And sports.

    Sports are so overrated. They were making such a big damn deal out of the fight in Detroit (?) like it was a national fucking tragedy…

  • Dulin

    Yep, that’s about right… And if we do think about somthing else, the end goal is to get one of the above… [:)]