Funny quiz, but the results are a secret…

The Ultimate Purity Exam is worth taking just to laugh at the questions and the way they’re worded.

I’m not posting the entirety of my scores for the sake of… well, quite frankly, it’s no one’s damn business, but my total score was 86.19% pure (72.7% average). Given that the categories are “Self-Lovin'”, “Shamelessness”, “Sex Drive”, “Straightness”, “Gayness”, and “Fucking Sick”, I’ll leave that open to conjecture as to what I’m hiding.

Not that I keep secrets. It’s just that the questions are (reasonably, I supposed) based on experience, rather than projections, which leaves my results kind of… skewed in an unexpected direction (ah, the things you forget until something weird reminds you…). I did save the results, though, because the author’s little automated comments for my scores are ridiculously funny…


  • Lissa

    Yes, I do!!

    Did you get higher than I did? You should probably have a score a little higher than mine, given that incident I forgot about… [8)]

    What’d you get? I won’t tell! [|D]

  • rackrent

    My total is 87.47%, that’s all I’m releasing. Hmm, more experience that I thought I had…

  • Javid

    That is quite entertaining. I need to get out more and learn what a lot of that stuff is because I got an insanely high score.

  • Javid

    The New Res basement is a very isolated location, where one is always out of every imaginable loop, but it sure is quite down here.

  • Lissa

    Holy hell.

    I’m going to pick on you just a little for that one, Javid: you probably *have* to win “most pure” with that score.

    New Res basement must be a *damn* isolated place… [;)]

  • Lissa

    Dulin, guy…

    *shudder*. The sad thing is that I know entirely too much about how you obtained that score…

    You’re still above the average of the ppl that’ve taken it, though. Although people like Javid are inching that average up there with outliers.