Random ten.

Just a random experiment, prompted by a wonderful music experience this morning (my first hearing of the [fucking awesome group Jurassic 5): I had Windows Media Player randomize my entire music collection (3214 songs; 16.02 GB) and figured I’d see what the first ten were.

  1. Busta Rhymes, “Pass the Courvoisier (Part 1)”, Genesis
  2. One Minute Silence, “Rise and Shine”, Buy Now… Saved Later
  3. Pink, “Split Personality”, Can’t Take Me Home
  4. Spooks, “Karma Hotel”, S.I.O.S.O.S.
  5. A Perfect Circle, “Blue”, Thirteenth Step
  6. Korn, “Make Me Bad”, Issues
  7. Light, “Panfried [Original/Mind Over Matter Mixes]”, Nothern Exposure, Vol. 2, West Coast Edition
  8. Sade, “Pearls”, Love Deluxe
  9. 311, “Use of Time”, Transistor
  10. Tool, “Hooker with a Penis”, Aenima

Not a bad list, given the randomness. You know it has to be honest (no skipped songs) because I even put Pink on the list…

Yeah, so I went to a Hoosier press seminar today, I feel like shit (a headache for three days running, non-stop), I spent an hour an a half writing an e-mail explaining a sticky situation only to conclude that I still have absolutely no fucking idea what to actually do to make myself (and others involved) happiest, I have a lot of work to do for school, and I am hungry and feeling cheap because I’ve started Christmas shopping.

So I’m not actually writing about any of it because I’m busy procrastinating on doing my work by writing a useless surface-skimming blog entry.

Details shall come when things get resolved. Maybe I should number them, like tickets at the Help Desk… Ugh.

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