Goofy, giggle-inducing meme

Your Sexual Flavor Is Vanilla

Sweet, simple, uncomplicated

You go with the flow, and go well with any lover.
You’re not a prudish lover but an adaptable one.
A blank canvas, you’re willing to be painted with any kink.
As long as it’s washed down with some sweet whipped cream.

Secret talent: Pole dancing

What’s Your Sexual Flavor?
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Meme found courtesy of Keith (my roomie’s boyfriend).

I woke up this morning after getting about 11 hours of sleep, and I feel better. Almost human, and definitely better able to hide my lingering… whatever we want to call it (pensiveness, restlessness, distress/anxiety, depression).

I’m feeling human enough to take a sex-oriented meme and laugh about it, so that’s an improvement.


  • Hannah

    I was pineapple. Something about using my charm to get what I want in bed. And also my secret talent is tantric orgasms.

    Yeah–that’s me.

  • Mathias Bynens

    What’s Yo Flava, tell me what’s yo flava *duuuuh*

    Your Sexual Flavor Is Cherry
    Sexy yet innocent. Whorish yet virginal.

    Your sweet, suculant flavor keeps everyone guessing.
    You know how to turn on your sexuality and drive everyone wild.
    Flirting and fucking outrageously, you get away with murder.
    Because after all the debauchery, you somehow convince people you’re innocent.

    Secret talent: Synchronized group sex

    WTF? I think this is more a girl’s test [:o][:|]