Even the cold was endurable

I had an amazingly nice run yesterday. I didn’t go in the morning—I’m just a lazy bum—but I went in the afternoon. It was in the thirties temperature-wise, and I learned just how ignorant I am of cold-weather running. I forgot my headband (for my ears) and gloves (although my jacket was baggy enough that I could pull my hands into the sleeves a little to let them get warm).

The run was slow, but it was steady and it was long enough to be a pretty good workout. My legs didn’t complain (although I’m sore today) and my lungs primarily hated only the cold.

I think I very much needed that good run for motivational purposes. It finally feels like it’s not going to be impossible to recover from this winter’s injury and weight gain. Like it might even be fun.

Now I just need to find a good cross-training activity for my upper body that I can do longer than (and in addition to) the rowing machine.