On Life and Love

It is Monday and I am tired.

I will write about fun things soon (like Dulin’s visit and my room and hanging out with folks this weekend), but now I want to grump.

Eight hours of lab, work, and class today. No lunch break, no breathing room. Eight more tomorrow. Same thing on Friday. I have a reprieve on Wednesday and Thursday (purposefully scheduled on my part), but I still don’t get lunch on any day other than Wednesday, although I think T-dawg is going to give up his lunch to get me a sack lunch so I can munch through one of my afternoon classes before my four hours of lab.

(When I’d finalized my schedule and saw that I had no open lunch hour, I thought, “Oh, that’s fine; I’ll just get the cafeteria to make me a sack lunch that I can pick up at breakfast.” Apparently you have to be able to pick up the lunch after 10:00. Guess what time my classes start? Now, I’m thinking, if I didn’t have class until after 10:00, then the earliest I could have class would be 10:45 and I could get an early lunch/late breakfast and wouldn’t need the damn sack lunch!)

The one class I thought was going to give me a reprieve (Computer Architecture II) because of the lack of a design project started out with a nice discussion of the daily reading assignments and quizzes, the weekly memos to be written, the articles to be read, the research to be done, and the homework to be scribbled and submitted.

At least I can call the prof “Mario”. That makes it better, right?

Fourteen credit hours. I swear.

I can’t even get a damn package from the mail distrubtion center because I’m never not in class during the hours they’re open to get it, which is just funny since it’s an already much-belated birthday gift.

But I need sleep, so that I can maybe get out of bed and run tomorrow morning. Maybe.


  • Michael

    wait-i thought it was christmas. no, maybe your’re right. no, no you’re not, that’s x-mas. i’m sory bou tyour sched. i only have lunch on t,r,f and i thought i had it bad. i”ve been just not eating but then there’s this bastard that always packs this beautiful lunch…so i learned that this building a spit away from the CS Dept has like lunches brought in form the nearby places, so i should be able to fly there and back betwixt me classes. gl liss, maybe u can make your own lunch since u can grocery shop now?

  • Lissa

    You are absolutely correct: it was Christmas. And I have been packing snacks since Tuesday, but T-dawg has arranged for me to get a sack lunch. Peanut butter and jelly sammich and a banana (plus other junk), yay!