Yay for lunch.

Things are coming together a little better on the redesign. I installed WordPress in such a way as it’s managing all my content now, even though I haven’t moved all my content into the database yet.

I decided to keep the purple. Note that I moved off the posts from the Physical Matters category–most people aren’t going to care about that stuff. It’s not out of the RSS feed yet, but it won’t show up here. See Physical Matters for that. That’ll be polished off later today, most likely.

Everything in the design is still a little rough, but I wanted to finally just get something up, because I’ve been dragging my feet on it for weeks. But everyone’s RSS feed connections should still work (yay for PHP!) and will continue to do so without any updates or relinking on your part.

New crap: the sidebar contains a list (small at the moment) of links I’ve run across. I’m incorporating my del.icio.us links there, even though I’m stuffing work-related stuff there, too. It won’t hurt to have all the WebDAV and Apache and podcasting stuff cluttering this area. Geeks unite!

Anyway, the link list has its own RSS feed.

Still left to do:

  • Polish off top navigation bar
  • Add recent comments to sidebar
  • Polish off links style
  • Fix WP-ShortStat to not include my surfing.
  • Polish off archives page
  • Kill archives from sidebar
  • Get essays in
  • Accessibility
  • Backup my WP database
  • Clean up my dir structure–decide if to use redirects to avoid breaking some incoming links.

This weekend, I’m heading to Iowa for Curly Q Bob’s wedding, so we’ll see what I can get done before tomorrow night.