Weighing in.

Yesterday was weight-lifting day. It had been a week since I lifted, and I felt it a little but not horribly. I’m up in shoulder press (and my shoulders do feel better; they still pop and jerk when moving through a full range of motion, but they have regained some of their stability). My shins, of course, feel amazing after all the months of pain while running.

  • Leg press: 13/12 @ 55 lb
  • Bench press: 13/12 @15 lb
  • Lat pulldown: 15/10 @ 144 lb
  • Shoulder press: 15/11 @ 5 lb
  • Anterior tibialis: 13 all/12 all @ 10 lb

I also weighed in yesterday evening. I haven’t been weighed since last summer, and I suspected I was 180 lbs or even as high as 190. Turns out I’m around 174 lb, which puts me only 15 lbs above target if I go by weight.