On Life and Love

It’s time…

(11:01:20) WO: I’ve seen the “Users don’t read error boxes” problem he mentions on another page.
(11:03:19) Lissa: Oh, yes! That makes helpdesk work so damn difficult. “What was the error?” “I don’t know. I just clicked it, and now my machine doesn’t work. Fix it.” “But you didn’t read the error?” “No, I just clicked it.” ?!!?!
(11:04:54) WO: Yup. They click it so fast you don’t even have TIME to read it.
(11:05:33) Lissa: You’d think it was the damn physical portion of an IQ test–faster means better! go twitch reactions!
(11:06:07) WO: Yup!
(11:06:25) WO: How the hell do they know which button to click?!
(11:06:47) Lissa: They obviously don’t, or else they wouldn’t be bringing the damn machine down to the HelpDesk.

I think it’s time for a job change… I hate being bitter about a job, particularly one that is already a stressor on me to have due to the hours. Another job possibility has presented itself with, at the very least, better pay and less customer interaction. The hours probably won’t be better, but having more money will either ease that pain or give me the freedom to work less.