Stepping up the speed

Yesterday’s run had the goal of trying to complete my 5 km in the time I have before WO arrives in the SRC and while he completes his day of the Couch-to-5K program. Sounds like a long time (it’s about forty minutes, or just shy) for 5 km, but I’m still intervalling on 600 m/200 m splits.

But I did it. I had about 200 m of walking left when WO finished up, so he only had to wait while I stretched.

My legs twinged a little at the beginning of the workout, which was more the effect of the weight-lifting Tuesday than a recurrence of injury (fatigue of those muscles has a very distinct and odd feeling). Other than that, it was all in the lungs.

I’m debating between whether to keep up the 200 m increases in running per week, or if I should jump to running a kilometer next week. Conservatism says to move to 800 m, but I think I can do a kilometer… Oh, well. I’ll try it one day, see how it goes.

I’m pretty sore from Tuesday’s weight-lifting; my lats in particular took a bit of a beating with the near-failure level of the workout I did. I’m also having all sorts of trouble stretching my back muscles adequately and relieving tension in my back. I feel like the muscles in my back, neck, and shoulders are all knotted up most of the time. The desk job certainly doesn’t help, but there surely have to be some stretches for that. Research to be done, I suppose.

I ate very, very badly yesterday. I racked up over a third of my food allowance at breakfast, then blew it again at dinner (Chinese food). Over 2100 calories, total. I figure what matters are the weekly and monthly averages, but it’s a little more difficult to get the averages down when the dailies are high, ya know?

Diligence, diligence.