Slow, but fun

Today’s run was slow, although it was only 5 km. WO and I were being particularly social, so the middle 1.5 km were on his pace and scheduling of intervals (per one of the weeks of the Couch-to-5K program) rather than my usual. I experimented with running 800 m and 1 km around my time with WO, though, and both were doable, although the 1 km needed to be slow. So 800 m it is for this week.

I’m not stretching my calves enough, evidently, because I fought legs and lungs today, which is no good. So stretches before bed and after waking up.

I also ate well today, despite the fact that I did grocery shopping (which means a late dinner and more tendency to overeat to compensate). I just ate slowly, waited out the lag between eating and the fullness signal from my brain, and reveled in the lack of desire to eat more. Yay listening. Whee!

Now I just need to take it a little easier on the weight lifting tomorrow, and I may start improving in that area again.