Three’s the magic number

Three workouts, that is.

Tuesday’s weightlifting wasn’t the best in terms of progress, but I followed it up with a good ten minutes on the rowing machine that wore me out.

  • Leg press: 14/13 @ 45 lb (Notice the drop of ten pounds.)
  • Bench press: 16/8 @15 lb
  • Lat pulldown: 14/12 @ 144 lb
  • Shoulder press: 16/11 @ 5 lb
  • Anterior tibialis: left: 11/8, right: 11/10 @ 10 lb

I’m not sure what I’m not doing right in weight-lifting; are the weights too high? Should I be shooting for equality in the sets, or fatigue in each? I’m fairly certain I’m not getting enough protein–in the last seven days, I’ve gotten an average of 60 g of protein. Even assuming I only need 0.8 g/ lb lean body mass, that’s still around 105-110 g of protein, and I’m not getting near that, even with all the meat it feels like I’m eating. Frustrating.

Wednesday’s run was pretty good. I need to keep on the calf stretches to keep from tightening up painfully, but I completed my 5 km in 46 minutes, and I ran with WO after the first kilometer. My first and last kilometers were done without breaks, which was hard, but doable.

Today’s weight-lifting felt good, although I didn’t make a lot of progress strength-wise. I was a form-guru today, even though I didn’t really feel like working out before I got to the gym.

I tossed in a tricep pushdown, which felt amazingly good and worked out well since I was on the form schtick. I miss having decently well-defined upper arms, which I grew to like having at the end of last summer.

  • Leg press: 14/11 @ 45 lb
  • Bench press: 17/10 @15 lb
  • Lat pulldown: 15/11 @ 144 lb
  • Shoulder press: 17/12 @ 5 lb
  • Triceps: 16/12 @ 36 lb
  • Anterior tibialis: left: 12/9, right: 12/13 @ 10 lb

Oh, well. Off to Stumptuous.com and related sites for advice.