Easy, easy

Yesterday’s weight-lifting session went well. I found out that one of the power cages is wide enough for me to do wide-stance squatting. I need to work on moving slower through the squats, but I did two sets with just the bar (10 and 6 reps, I think; I don’t have my papers with me). I’m inching up strength-wise in each exercise, and I’m particularly in love with the sets of dips and pullups.

I got up at 05:00 this morning to do my Friday run. I haven’t had a run that easy in a long time. I probably could have done all three miles without stopping, but I went ahead and walked 200 m at the top of the second and third miles. Very, very nice.

I also started taking the ortho tri-cyclen yesterday morning. No adverse affects that I’ve noticed yet, although I’ve still got my standard morning nausea.

Mae’s family is bringing up a bicycle this afternoon for me. It’s a bike with fairly thin wheels, but I think that if I can manage to ride it, I’ll use it to get to and from school most days–the one-mile in each direction trip from the apartment has got to be some kind of hell on my car, and I can always use the extra exercise.