I bought a crockpot back before Christmas break with the hope that having one would help me batch-make food for lunches and dinners.

Batch-made food means healthier food, because the meals are planned at a time when I’m not hungry (a problem for me). It also means more consistent food, as it’s easy to forget to make my lunch in the rush of morning if I have to do anything other than shovel something into a container. And since forgetting my lunch means I either go hungry (see above about foolish decisions made while hungry) or eat fried crap from an on-campus location, remembering to take a lunch becomes even more crucial for my general health.

So I bought a crockpot. Shortly after getting the crockpot, WO bought me a little recipe book for it: 101 Things to Do with a Slow Cooker.

Best. Cookbook. Ever.

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