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    Acknowledge your ignorance: an open letter

    Dear doctor, If you are not a sports doctor/trainer and are not listening to my explanation of my pain, do not pass off my pain/discomfort as a mere “overuse injury”. Explain to me why my injury has the pattern it does if it is a mere overuse injury. Do not shrug helplessly at my limited alternatives for healing (no anti-inflamatories) and insist on using the old, so-in-the-box RICE method… with the anti-inflamatories I can’t take. If you refuse to think outside the box, at least admit your fucking ignorance and refer me to someone who might know more. Not an orthopedic surgeon, but maybe someone who can differentiate what kind…

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    Midnight linkage

    Ananova – Porn star’s offer to Bin Laden » …I got nothin’. Sunday Times: Have you got the definitive derriere? [ 09apr06 ] » Why the hell does this article exist? I’d love to see an equivalent on the perfect penis–cut or uncut, symmetry, angle when erect, etc. This is just silly. (From Mistress Krista.) The reality behind immigration reform | Prometheus 6 » I heart me some P6, and this brings to light some stats I’d never seen before.

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    Seasoned wok

    This process of “seasoning” cookware seems so very odd to me. I’ve used cast iron skillets my entire life, and as far as I know, they weren’t seasoned. We washed them with soap and water, and they still work fine. Seasoning a wok is even more foreign. Especially since there aren’t even any damn seasonings involved! I think my wok could have used a little basil and salt, quite frankly. This Saturday, WO and I opened doors and windows and attempted to salvage my wok so that we could make fried rice. It was rusticated, so WO Brillo’d off the rust, we brushed on oil, and we burnt the oil…