And so I cut my hair.

So I mentioned a while back that I had decided to go natural–that I wasn’t going to perm (straighten) my hair any longer. I thought about cutting all my hair off ans starting fresh, but I backed off of that idea initially, although the urge never went away totally.

Now I’ve got a few inches of unpermed hair and I’ve been trimming at the permed ends steadily. Sunday I plaited up my hair like I used to wear in high school and enjoyed that for a few days.

June 25, first self-plaiting

I wanted to take ’em out this afternoon, and I had this driving urge to cut my hair. Not trim, not clip, but cut.

I resisted, although I did take off a few inches.
From the plaits After removing plaits

All down and cut!

I spent the rest of this evening replaiting it, and such is life. I’m a couple of inches closer to being completely transitioned into a natural ‘do.

Post June 28 chop, after plaiting

I can’t wait until it’s all natural. I want thick, full hair.


  • jed

    I like how your hair is. I was wondering what you would look like if you did not constantly have your hair pulled back. (insert some comment hitting on you here because I dont feel like actually saying anything)

  • Lissa

    *laugh* Thanks, Jed.

    I’d hope that no commenter here (or friend of mine) would feel that flirty remarks are obligatory, though…

  • michael

    obligatory?! hardly! irresistible is more like it! is there a particular do that you covet (reply with link maybe?).

    how is your hair in the picture? is that the remains of perm or did you make it wavy somehow?

    yay pictures! boo absence of lisslaugh.???

  • Lissa

    Michael:I covet more styles than I think I’ll ever have the skill to recreate, but one of my favorites is just plaits/dreds with a thick look, like this.

    I haven’t decided yet if I want to get my hair loc’d. But I like the style.

    Some beautiful ones I like can be seen in this forum post.

    My hair right now is about 2-3 inches natural (at the top, and when pulled taut, I guess), and the rest is still permed. Any waviness in the permed part is due to the fact that I had just taken it down from the longer plaits.

  • Dulin

    I think it looks good. I always liked your hair plaited; comes with a certain dangly flow :-)…