Won over by Pratchett

A few months ago, I was cajoled into reading [tag]Soul Music[/tag], by [tag]Terry Pratchett[/tag]. Couldn’t stand it. I got at least half way through, and found it to be boring and the humor contrived.

A couple of weeks ago, though, I picked up [tag]Going Postal[/tag], and proceeded to laugh my way through 400 pages of wonderful stuff. I immediately read [tag]Monstrous Regiment[/tag] (WO’s only other Pratchett book here), and although I chuckled less, I appreciated the increased sense of suspense as much as I appreciated Going Postal‘s humor.

If WO has more Pratchett books here, I’d be tearing through ’em. As it is, I’ve started Palahniuk’s Survivor, which proves, as always with his works, full of useful information. Like how to remove stains of the violent sort. Or the protein-based sort.


  • jed

    more people should read his books
    I have a bunch if you want more, I shall be back sometime not too far in the future if you want to borrow them, or I suppose you could just go get them if you wanted to.
    anyway, they are amazing books

  • Guy

    I have a copy of Going Postal. I’ve gotten like 3/4 of the way through it, then school bombarded me. I’ve always enjoyed Mark Ames writing on theexile.ru

  • Rebecca

    I’m a fan of Terry Pratchett’s books too. Noah and I are working our way through them. Actually, we just finished “Soul Music”. I really like the Granny Weatherwax stories.