Role-playing geekiness!

So I’m playing in a [tag]Palladium[/tag] with Jed, Guy, and several others, run by Tookie. In fact, there are eight players.

We started earlier in the term, but had to restart when Jed turned into a psycho pyro. 🙂 There was a fight. Everyone lost (in one way or another) and Tookie was sad.

I’d been hankering to play in a campaign all summer, and I finally got my wish. Having eight players is rather intimidating–I’m curious to see how things work out in the long term with the jangle of overlapping voices and actions. Combat’s really easy, but normal things–shopping in towns, etc., can get confusing.

The Palladium system has, like, ten books. Really. And only one book has the commonly-needed info in it, which can make things kind of confusing.

Regardless, I’m excited enough about playing that I’ve been skipping lunches and coming in early and staying late to loiter in the CS labs and make my new character.

I think my new character is hot. She’s… short. And kickass.