Bike seat adjustment: small change, huge difference

Tilting my bike seat down fixed about a hundred of my biking problems and discomforts. The first was the razor blades in crotch problem I mentioned Wednesday. That’s solved rather nicely.

The second was a problem where I’d sort of had to hop onto the seat when I got on. Well, obviously, that’s fixed, too.

Lastly, the seat now feels… well, like a seat. It’s like I’m just bracing my bottom against it rather than having to sit back (full weight) on it, like a cruiser seat. It gives me more power in the legs and I don’t have a problem figuring out where to balance my weight between my hands and my bottom anymore. I also don’t feel like I’m going to slide off forward, however. Now, I’m sure that when I next ride to fatigue there’ll be strength issues that will affect my balance, but that’s different.

I hopped on the bike after adjusting the seat and it suddenly felt like the bike had been made and fitted just for me.