Turkey week!

I’ve recently been impressed at how fatty ground beef is. Worse (in my mind) is its fat:protein ratio. WO and I usually cook something once a week using it, whether it’s shit-on-shingles (modified to use mashed potatoes instead of “shingles”), chili, or something similar. This week, WO and I are switching to ground turkey. While not a cure-all in terms of fat, the ground turkey we purchased is significantly leaner. (Unfortunately, there was only one available brand of ground turkey at Kroger.)

Last night, we made chili in the crock pot using turkey instead of beef. I’ll note that this is the good kind of chili, with onions, kidney beans, lots of tomatoes, onions, garlic, green chilies, optional angel hair spaghetti, etc., not just meat and a hint of tomato. I only had a small taste this morning, but it was damned yummy. The meat was less strongly flavored and “softer”–even though it was cooked a little long in the crock pot (by which I mean 4 hours long–fuck getting up early), it seemed more inclined to fall apart than dry up. I like that. Chewy ground beef makes my jaw tired.

Frying the turkey was a pleasant experience, too. Lots of water loss, very little oiliness. There was a similar difference in the chili: no layer of oil on top. Yay happy tummy.

Hell, yay happy heart.

Tuesday night, we’ll be doing turkey tacos. I’m excited.


  • Brandon

    Don’t forget about ground chuck or ground sirloin, that might solve your problem without going to poultry; sometimes they run deals where ground chuck is pretty cheap. And for chili, I would like to recommend chorizo sausage.