It’s Facial Fasciculation Week!

Retroactive to last Wednesday, it’s Facial Fasciculation Week! (I hope you’ve been getting your fasciculation on.) Any kind of facial fasciculation is welcome, but it must be due to relatively acute stress and/or fatigue rather than a chronic disorder or long-term use of drugs.

My personal facial fasciculation, which has been my loving friend in times of need since high school, is usually limited to my left eye and is a flutter in the muscles above and below that eye. Oh, my, is that embarrassing! Luckily, few people notice it unless I rub at it obsessively.

Which I do, because it feels weird.

Sometimes it happens in both eyes, and then I walk around grumpy with my fingers poking my eyes, holding them still and trying to get them to calm down. It doesn’t work.

Remember, fasciculations are different than tics, because fasciculations don’t involve whole muscles, just muscle fibre bundles.

My week’s facial fasciculation is brought to me in part by The Rose Thorn, Western Digital, Maxtor, Asus, lack of sleep, Rose-Hulman, and an ill boyfriend.

What’s bringing yours?