Tech phobia?

So I have this thing. I keep social bookmarks on del.icio.us. I use Google Reader for RSS feeds. I’ve started using LibraryThing for my books.

But I’m finding myself feeling possessive of my books. I want a [free, of course] local solution that I can greedily keep at hand, that isn’t dependent on some random service being available. Hell, I’d even take a PHP solution here on irrsinn dot net. Strangely, I want a solution that’s more dependent on my availability than some other entities’.

I suspect this reflects on my perfectionist, over-achieving, over-controlling personality.

That said, the feature set I want is most cheaply and easily (and nicely) available on LibraryThing, including the all-important “Download information for me!” Otherwise, my ass would be hooking up a cute little set of MS Access tables and a form.

Wait… I did that already, way back in high school. Had it all linked up with my then-PocketPC PDA so’s I could walk around my tiny bedroom and record information. I should find that database and import that mutha, cuz I’m just not reading books fast enough to fill LibraryThing up.