To mix things up a bit, I’ve done this post as a podcast of sorts, complete with musical intros and outros! I’m afraid I don’t giggle, really (Michael), but I do chuckle once, so for you laugh lovers, you’ll have to catch me in a better mood.

Pardon my audio-lousiness. Audacity defeats me.

Oh, and you’ll have to use the pop-up player or download for it to work. I dunno what’s wrong with podPress. It was a problem with acronyms/abbreviations. Hee hee… *looks around, tip-toes away*


  • Luke

    Pookie, now just imagine if the president was someone most people disliked and you were writing about it. (And I’m curious about the group causing you grief…I never had one particular source that bitched.)

    Ah, well. I’m sure you’ve had all sorts of interesting problems over the last two years. I’ve read most of the issues this year and lots from last year on the RSS feed. If nothing else your ability to make the Thorn website amazing is nothing short of a miracle. (Even if you didn’t do the work…we talked about doing it for 4 years…)

    And just remember…monkeys always have the most fun. 😉

  • Lissa

    Yes, Luke, monkeys always have the most fun, but they’re generally acknowledged as idiotic slap dicks with the wisdom of 1 year olds. What were you doing during the year of Midgley when I was essentially running the paper?

    *shrug* I’m just saying…

  • Michael

    1st of all damn. (above[?] comments)

    I loved this, i really think:
    *you should do many more
    *you should watch thrilldian with a mic on
    *you should put a goofy piv or at least some pic of you in the post for me to look @ while i listen to you (or vlog)
    *i may try to do one
    **would you post about the technical details of the post (recording/type of mic, etc and the player you used)

    how come houston gets so much love? i can understand atl and phoenix, but where’s the big CLT? all people will be in clt. this means i guess, that you’ll have to be there to. also, can teach for america do elem school?

  • Lissa


    * Damn, indeed. Sophomore year blew. I now shoot monkeys on sight. *reloads shotgun, looks around*

    * I think I will do more of these. It only took about an hour or so. It depends on how easily I can find music to fit my mood. Shouldn’t be hard.

    * The “thrilldian” would be a good way to record some giggles. I’ll experiment, probably Tuesday night.

    * I don’t have any recent pics, and my hair’s looking a little awful right about now. I need to cut it or twist it to begin locing it (if that’s what I want to do).

    * Tech details: I just used the microphone built into my laptop. I need to talk louder, so’s I don’t have to use the gain in my recorder (which produces the audible hiss in the ‘cast), but that’s a matter of mic-shyness. I recorded straight into Audacity (http://audacity.sf.net?). For the music, you can just drag in MP3’s and crop in Audacity. Audacity was hard for me to get used to, but I can generally do most of what I need to. Every new file you drop in or every segment you record with a mic can be moved around as a separate “track”. Hell, you have more experience with media (animation/video) software than I do; it might be similar to those.

    I also downloaded lame (an MP3 encoder–google that one; it might be on sourceforge), and set up Audacity to use it for encoding files.

    * As for cities, Houston gets pretty rave reviews by the Teach for America people assigned there and by other folks familiar with TX. Charlotte, though… I love you guys so much, but I couldn’t stand the city itself and many of the people there. Plus, there are a lot of fucking awful memories there (family, schools). ATL’s only, what, 5 hours away? I’d drive that regularly to see you guys. (The 13 from Terre Haute… not so much. There were several close calls on that most recent trip.)

    Teach for America can do elementary school, and that’s one of my highly preferred placements, along with high school. I’d rather end up teaching 5th grade math or science than kindergarten, but I don’t get that degree of granularity unless I end up in Phoenix.

  • Michael

    ok, so most of the tech details seem simple enough, what about the publishing, inline playerness?

    i would totally meet you in GA as well

  • Lissa

    Dulin: Thanks!

    Michael: Eek, you’re right. I’ve installed podPress on G$’s recommendation, which is a plugin for WordPress that offers some nice statistics on people listening to your podcast, as well as allowing you to set [iTunes] feed preferences, etc. Once you upload the MP3 file (to the appropriate place, depending on where you tell podPress you’ll be putting it), it’s easy to link it to a blog entry — podPress adds a little panel inside the new/edit post page. The little player appears by default, but you can turn it off per post or for all posts.

  • Barrett

    Wow—I’m impressed. I think audio is the only way to blog. Now to find a way to audio-ize my art blog!
    Great work Lissa, I love your voice. Good luck with your interview. And watch out for that stir fry!