The last thing I remember is the oxygen tube…

Yesterday I had an endoscopy (EGD?) to check for ulcers and an ultrasound to check for gall stones. Both were negative.

Last Friday, it was an abdominal and pelvic CT scan (without contrast). All my organs were normal.

Repeated blood tests show low white blood cell counts, indicating it may be viral.

What is it? Sharp, persistent abdominal pain, accompanied by strong nausea (but no vomiting). Not burning, like heartburn. It doesn’t move, like trapped air might. Nexium and other acid-reducers don’t help. I don’t remember the name of my new medicine, but so far, it just makes me dizzy and sleepy.

The endoscopy came with a dose of Demerol. I don’t like mind-altering drugs; I resisted taking the Tylenol/codeine crap they gave me after my wisdom teeth extraction. The last thing I remember from the procedure yesterday was them laying back the upper part of the bed and placing the oxygen tubes in my nose; they tickled.

They told me I might remember them spraying my throat or gagging a bit. Nope. I almost wish I did.

After the procedure, I wasn’t supposed to do anything involving making decisions for the rest of the night. No signing legal documents. No cooking or driving.

I did, however, take the liberty of “drunk dialing” my parents’ answering machine as we were leaving the hospital. I don’t really remember the ride home, or talking to my mother about how to get my prescription paid for.

I… don’t even know. Whoo. Never again, if I can help it.

As it is, I’m petitioning to drop a class that’s just slipping away from me at this point. I don’t even have the stamina to make it to that class by the end of the day. If I just drop it through normal procedures, I’d fail, so I’m going through a committee and explaining I’ve been sick.

Pardon me if I repeat myself.

In other news, strides are being made toward me working at my old high school. In case that doesn’t happen, I’ve also applied to teach in New Orleans. They’re hiring something like 600 teachers for the new year to help build back up the district. I could get licensed as I teach (or maybe over the summer) for both positions.

The future is near. I’m eying apartments in Charlotte, although the ones I like are across town from where some would prefer I live. All I have to say to that is two words: teacher’s salary. The University area is expensive.

I should end this. I’m rambling.


  • Michael

    Look dwoman, I deleted The Great Preferred Living Area from The Greater Charlotte Area (Google Map), but maybe I’ll put it back, I know that the University area is expensive, but the area south of harris, east of mount holly-huntersville road and Brookshire Blvd, north of Central Ave, and west of Harris/Sharon Amity is basically what it was, and that’s huge! There’re lots of cheap places in there…somewhere…

    New Orleans! That’d be so cool, almost as cool as Alaska! …all the cool kids will be in Charlotte, not New Orleans, I am glad you have alternatives, but I’d like you to go ahead and live in proximity to the rest of the cool kids.

    WTF is goin on with this dr. business? if you are going to Drs and they aren’t telling you anything…you need a mfn refund!

    Hang in there, i’m sorry you’re having to deal with dropping a class like that. I understand the point of a drop date policy, but I think it she be only somewhat harder to drop after the date, it shouldn’t actually be like a decision anyone makes, but a little red tape to ensure that students don’t just do it for the hell of it.

    I don’t remember about 8 hours of my life which were those after they anesthetized me for my wisdom teeth. I enjoy a good buzz and everything, but that is too intense, so I guess i’m sayin i am on the same page with you as far as those drugs.

    hang in there!

  • Mia

    Whoa! Hope you’re feeling better Lissa! Did the doctors figure out eventually what’s causing the pain and nausea?
    It would be so exciting to have you back in Charlotte! I still don’t know where I’ll be in the fall- either Chapel Hill or Atlanta, both within relatively short driving distance though!