Star Wars RPG

I never liked Star Wars. I thought the movies were lame — or rather, the characters in the movies were lame. The gritty universe was potentially interesting, but completely unexplored in the movies. By “movies”, I mean the original three and the first of the new ones with the kid Anakin.

So when my local gamemaster suggested that we start a Star Wars game (using the old d6-based system, not the new d20 system), I was dubious. I was more than dubious. He convinced me that we would be playing in a “saga” (or era) where Skywalker and company wouldn’t be present. So I said I’d be up for trying it, and WO and I drove out to the GM’s house yesterday afternoon.

It was a blast. It’s very Serenifly in nature, which I love. My character is a near-human near-child who excels at ship and droid repair. WO is our pilot, and our buddy E is… well, his character buys things at discount rates. WO’s character owns the ship we work on, except that he’s incurred a lot of debt in getting the ship… That debt is to a Hutt. So we run odd jobs and cross paths with violent people. In a small freighter. With one gun. And no shields.

The mechanics of the system are still a little confusing, but practice shall make perfect. The role-playing aspects are great — I mean, how often do I get to be a 13 year-old with a disturbing past and a fetish for Corellian mints?

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  • Andrew

    Recently I read a blog that convinced me that real Star Wars fans hate Star Wars, but like the idea of Star Wars universe. Glad to hear it’s still a fun world 🙂