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Daily tasteeness (2008-02-07)

17 Unbeatable Ways to Create a Peaceful, Relaxed Workday
I’m really trying to practice single-tasking. It’s hard, because I like to be busy (weird, yes?), but I really do work much less efficiently and with higher stress levels when I multitask.

Trigger List – 43FoldersWiki
A trigger list for weekly reviews. Good lord, that’s long. šŸ™‚

How to do a Weekly Review in Under an Hour | Zen Habits
The title says it all — I myself slacked on doing weekly reviews because of how long they took. Well, that and poor planning; it’s really something to be done on a Friday morning or Sunday night, rather than a Friday afternoon.

Weekly Review: Key to GTD and achieving goals | Zen Habits
“David Allen says that if you are not doing your weekly review, you are not doing GTD. I agree completely, and Iā€™d like to add to that: if you are not reviewing your goals weekly, you are not focused on achieving your goals.”