On Life and Love

Snip, snip

My cats got fixed today. Jackie got her full ovariohysterectomy and Greg had his testicles removed.

Now the poor things have silly lamp shades on their heads.

Jackie — my neurotic cat — is, well, neurotic. She’s lying in the litter box like a bed. I assume it feels cool and a bit soothing, like lying in sand. I’m keeping it meticulously clean, but I can’t keep her out of there — they need easy access to it. She’s very upset by the Elizabethan collar (lamp shade), as she typically grooms rather heavily after the stress of a vet visit. I suppose tomorrow I’ll have to be kind and comb her out.

Greg is handling things with a good deal more dignity. He bumps into things with his lamp shade, but seems to be making the best of it with his typical goofy cheer. I don’t know what will happen when he needs to go to the bathroom and Jackie is entrenched in the litter box.

This is going to be a long, long night.