Tastee (del.icio.us) links! (February 18th)

Links for February 18th from 22:50 to 22:50:

  • YouTube – 5 Million Ways to Kill a C.E.O. – I hear this song regularly on Pandora, and stumbled across the video while trying to link Greg to the song on lastfm. While the song itself is funniest if you can catch the lyrics (http://www.songandmusiclyrics.com/49547-lyrics-to-The-Coup-5-Million-Ways-to-Kill-a-CEO.html), just watch the lady in the white sweater in the video. She pops up several times, and she's hilarious.

More D & D racism

I love how just one day after I posted a link about racism in D & D, I played in the most racist D & D game (one-shot) I’ve ever had the misfortune of being in.

Every Halfling was a “peck” (I don’t really get that), we were reminded again and again about how dwarves are so “resourceful” and “industrious”, and well, you know how those swamp women are. Half-elves aren’t just half-elves, they’re disgusting half-breeds, and the NPCs had to play up asking the full elves whether they’d be willing to work with one.

I think the GM was going for gritty realism — after all, real people are racist and sexist and crude — but it fell pretty flat with some of the crowd, I think. Greg, who played a Halfling, made a point of having his character (upon being called a “Peck” for about the third time) say, “Do you realize that that’s a derogatory term for us? We prefer to be called Riverfolk, if you would.”

I left shortly thereafter, but I’m told things got a little better after that.

After about the first 15 minutes of incessant “Peck” references, I started a running tally in my notebook of racist references. I got to 56 in the next hour and 45 minutes before I left.

I’m tempted to email the GM that article, but I don’t think it would do any good.