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    Custom Left 4 Dead map: Zelda

    With the release of the Left 4 Dead campaign bundler thing last week, I hunted around yesterday for compiled user-made campaigns… and found not a single complete one in the VPK format. Folks had levels as separate files that sort of made campaigns, but I don’t much feel like manually changing levels when I play. I like the seamless nature of a campaign. But one level tempted me enough for me to play it: zteer’s Zelda map. It’s definitely a change from the standard levels, adding a very Zelda feel. It’s got keys, teleporting hands, doors that lock until all monsters are killed, and — very awesomely — a dungeon…

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    Tastee (del.icio.us) links! (June 26th)

    Links for June 26th from 08:26 to 08:26: 5 Pet Peeves Designers Have With Developers (and How to Avoid Them) | Webdesigner Depot – "I’ve had to deal with more than one developer who read an article by Jakob Nielson and then wanted to lecture me about good design practice in the middle of a meeting." I suppose if you're paying devs enough to release an unusable site, they should just shut up and code monkey it.