I wish I were sneezing instead

So I was at work yesterday, and one of my colleagues mentioned being worried at the feeling of having a swollen/restricted throat. He was thinking it might be an allergy to something he ate, and mentioned changing his spinach brand recent.

…And then I realized that I’ve been having the same problem recently, and have been shrugging it off. For the last couple of months, after some meals, my throat would be tight and I’d have trouble swallowing. I’d chalked it up to my “assmar” initially, but my chest wasn’t tight and inhalers didn’t affect the symptoms. I’d also thought it could just be some rampant sinus thing, so I drank lots of water during the little attacks. No change.

Greg felt my neck last night during an episode, and it was definitely swollen.

It’s not life-threatening, apparently, but it’s far from comfortable and I’ve got very little idea on how to nail it down. I haven’t been tested for allergies since I was about 11 or 12, and I tested positive for all sorts of things that barely/don’t bother me: shellfish, wheat, corn, etc. My ears often itch and run after I eat — a reaction I inherited from my mother (thanks, mom!), but I don’t break out in hives or anything from foods.

So it looks like I may be starting a log. Eat something fairly isolated, log it, wait 20 minutes, and note if I have a throat reaction.

I hope it’s not wheat, corn, or soy, all of which I ingest decently regularly. It seems like if it were environmental, it would be more regular.

I also hope it doesn’t get worse. I don’t have an epi pen.