Three fun things on dance-day

In reverse order of occurrence:

Assmar makes me do funny things

Like ride down the highway in 40-degree weather with the windows down and the heat blasting at the floorboards. The cool air lowers my body temperature (bad cooldown after hip-hop) and the hot air keeps my lungs from seizing up in the cold. Seems weird to me.

Two weeks off were survivable

Aside from some nasty coughing in hip-hop, dance wasn’t bad at all. Belly dance was on a new song for February, but it’s a short and simple routine.

Not to say I was any good at it. Just that it’ll be easy to memorize and practice.

Hip-hop also wasn’t so bad. There were only about 3-eight counts of new material, and although I didn’t have it solid by the end due to a tricky ball change, but I haven’t lost my confidence that I can at least flail through.

Unfortunately, I’m going to miss both classes next week, cuz Imma be in Phoenix. Woo-woo.

Shake dem hips

Nayna (the belly dance instructor) showed us the routines that her 2-4 year students do. A lot of the folks in the class were like, “Oh, no, I can never do that!”

I was like, “Goddamn, let me go home and practice so I can do that shit sooner.” I’ll look good doing that stuff.

In other news, I’m still figuring out this writing schedule thing. In the interests of finishing my first novel, I’m only going to be publishing shorts here on Saturdays, alternating between Witches and TC.