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    Belly dance vs. Hip-hop: Inviting Failure

    Hip-hop started again on Monday! The thing that struck me (again and again) for the entire sweaty hour was how great it was to fail again. As some folks may remember, I started both hip-hop and belly dance back at the beginning of January. Hip-hop stopped in May with the end of the school year, but belly dance kept a comin’. I took about 2-3 hours of belly dance a week this summer, but since we’re working up to a recital in December, we’ve been repeating the same couple of songs over and over again. That’s kind of becoming a problem. This month of belly dance has been a tough…

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    Three fun things on dance-day

    In reverse order of occurrence: Assmar makes me do funny things Like ride down the highway in 40-degree weather with the windows down and the heat blasting at the floorboards. The cool air lowers my body temperature (bad cooldown after hip-hop) and the hot air keeps my lungs from seizing up in the cold. Seems weird to me.

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    Dancing: exactly what I wanted

    Second week of belly dance and hip-hop classes: fucking amazing. We had a sub for the belly dancing class: instead of Nayna, it was her assistant, and she worked us pretty hard. We got through what felt like a big chunk of routine, learning 4 or 5 new moves and getting better at some of the early ones. The class was just as fun as last week, but felt a lot more productive. I’m going to be sore tomorrow from the rolls and agitators. Now, the hip-hop class… I dedicated a lot of words to it last week, when I wasn’t sure if I was gonna like it, blah, blah.…