Physical Therapy: Consultation and Fun Treatments

My first physical therapy session yesterday was pretty cool, albeit painful.

The PT put my shoulder–which was already hurting from busing/backpacking through town–through the usual contortions (*tear*). By the end, she would raise my arm in such a way, push lightly on it, look at my face, and go, “Hmm, I’m not going to put you through that.” Her conclusion was the same as the sports doc: decently likely it’s a small cuff tear.

What followed was far more interesting than my usual pain, though. First, I got a therapeutic ultrasound. And the gel was warm! (Quite the novelty in my experience.) I didn’t feel any warmth or hum from the ultrasound, and it didn’t provide immediate relief, but I’m doing better today. Not sure what all to ascribe that to, because this has definitely become a day-by-day injury in terms of pain levels.

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Weekly Linkage: A Microaggression, a Game, and Some Dancin’

This week’s internet cruising:

And, by one of my favorite choreographers:

Shoulder Update: Steroid Shot!

I got in to see the rather awesome (medical bill pending) sports doctor at my doctor’s office yesterday, and got my (*tear*) first ever cortisone shot.

She ran me through a painful battery of tests (painful because they were designed to find my limits) and determined that, yup, I did a great job of aggravating and maybe worsening my old injury. May have been a small rotator cuff tear back then or now, but the result now is a loosey-goosey shoulder joint (very weak stabilizing muscles) combined with some super-tight (ow) tendons.

Given that I can’t take NSAIDs, she recommended the steroid shot. I also start physical therapy next week.

The shot itself actually wasn’t bad, despite her descriptions of going past this tendon and around that muscle, etc. (My mother used to get them in her foot, so I’d heard of the agony involved. Apparently, feet are just painful places to do anything.) She and the nurse were laughing their asses off my plaintive “will it hurt?”, but it was, in fact, much less painful than giving blood. Besides, they did a cold spray to numb the spot, which was really cool.

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Too Human Was… Too Human

Sorry, I really couldn’t come up with anything wittier than that.

I finished Too Human about a month ago at this point, I think.

Let’s celebrate that for a moment. Given my propensity for games like Sims, GalCiv 2, and Civ 4, getting to finish a game is always a miracle.

Guy totally warned me about some of the game’s disappointments, so I went in with eyes open.

It was… alright. Kinda fun early on. Really frustrating later. I want more, but not more of what was in Too Human. (I’m restarting Fallout 3–which I never finished–as the balm for my ache.)

A couple of nights ago, Greg and I enumerated about 15 flaws in the game. Here are some of the highlights, ordered by their importance to me. I played through with the Berserker class, which is something of a glass cannon: very fast, but not a huge damage dealer and pretty fragile.
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Chewing on Granny Squares

My knitting colleague E. made the (arguably) goofy decision to refresh her crocheting skills by taking on a granny squares blanket.

It’s a great idea for using up a ton of scrap yarn.

It’s not a great idea if you enjoyed the level of sanity you had when you started.

She quickly ran into the classic self-randomizing problem: given 20 different colored yarns of different weights, how do you put 3 different ones in each square while trying to keep the colors as random as possible? Sounds easy enough, but after 15 or so squares, it gets tricky. If you’re aiming for randomization, the last thing you want is a big diagonal of purple in your blanket when you’re done.

So E. appealed to me and asked me to write her a “script” to randomize her colors. I was on board, look forward to some Python/Django fun before I realized that what I’d been handed was a graph coloring problem with some fun restraints. (Turns out it was easy, but fun to think through.)

Before I get into the technical bits, go make a blanket or two. Then go find some esoteric method to contact me (or comment here) and let me know what you think, especially if you run into an issue.
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