On Life and Love

DragonCon–An Artful Success

Full spread of art.

DragonCon was last weekend, and I think I’ve recovered from about 80% of the stress of it.

One thing that should never, ever have happened was me entering the art show rooms. Holy shit, that blew my mind.

(They’re all far less crooked-looking on my wall, I promise.)

I had a budget, though, and I mostly stayed within it, meaning I didn’t get any canvas work, and mostly bought prints that came in combos. I have one piece from Tienne Rei that’s due to be shipped to me; it’s a piece in a style similar to this one.

I want this to be the beginning of an awesome collection of art from a variety of artists that I find on my travels. I have a huge wall in this apartment that can let me share all sorts of beautiful works with my guests, and stacks of artists’ business cards going back to my honeymoon(s) last year. Savings time!