On Life and Love

The Final Stretch

I’m done.

Five millimeters is enough for me. Asking for more would just be greedy.

…Actually, asking for more might put my ears on strike.

Moving from 6g to 4g went pretty roughly. I’d tried it a few weeks ago, resulting in a lot of bruising and some questioning of my worth as a human being.

After giving them a while to heal, still at 6g, I made the move this weekend. I’d been wearing double flares anyway, letting my ears get used to stretching momentarily to 4g.

It still took hours. It still resulted in foul swearing. And it really, really hurt.

Two sleepless nights and a lot of Tylenol made this stretch a lot less fun than the previous ones. And because the tapers were plastic/acrylic, they stuck.

How friggin’ terrifying is that? My ears were so swollen for over 48 hours that I couldn’t get the damn tapers out! Plus, the tapers got jostled by everything, and the angle of the tapers put more pressure on the piercings.

Should I have waited another week? Probably. But my birfday is next week, and I certainly didn’t want this pain to shadow that day. Deana and Greg say they’re definitely not planning anything that day, but boy, wouldn’t it be nice if I took that day off from work, so no, no pus-ears on my 28th birfday.

But 4g is definitely my last stretch.