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“Results” Class

Greg-the-cat yawning.I just got home from a circuit training conditioning class at a nearby martial arts studio.

Holy crap.

I hardly ever partake in circuit training–I tend to prefer more measurable exercises that I can “program”, like weight lifting and running. I’m not particularly opposed to circuit training, as a lot of specialists in those two are. They like to argue that circuit training (with Crossfit as the big-name villain) produces folks that can do a bit of many things, but aren’t good at anything.

Well, I’ll tell you what. The class I just came from wasn’t Crossfit, but if I do that once a week on top of my other training, imma be good at something.

Here was the line-up:

That circuit was repeated at high intensity for 10 minutes. Then there was a one-minute break, then another 10 minutes of that circuit.

My body is putty. I had to sit for several minutes before I could drive home. Hell, I had to keep from hurling a couple times during the circuiting.

Not a form of exercise I want to do exclusively, but that was delightfully brutal.