Things were complicated at DragonCon last year. It was my first attendance, which was awesome and amazing, but things were starting to go south in my triad and I didn’t know how to escape, even at an event as large as DragonCon. For all that the con was fascinating and exhausting in its own right, the relationship stuff cast a shadow on it.

So with the triad dissolved, I dragged my feet on signing up for DragonCon 2013. If Greg and I roomed with Deana (major question #1), we’d be persons 7 and 8 in the room.

Eight people. In one room.

(Last year we were 5th and 6th, and that was too many for my tastes, although it was über-convenient to be in the main DragonCon Marriott. But that stale smell of 6 people’s peopleness in one room? Less than optimal.)

All of those complex memories combined with a healthy dose of emotional healing and determination, and I ordered my DragonCon ticket yesterday. I found a hotel within half a mile of the Marriott that still had rooms available. Greg agreed to room with me and split costs, and I booked the room.

I’m going to DragonCon! *happy dance*

Costume ideas are up in the air, but I’m pretty dedicated (if I do a costume) to representing a black character. Preferably also a woman, and preferably not Martha Jones (of Doctor Who) or Zoe (of Firefly), which I saw plenty of the attending black women cosplaying last year.


Months of 5’s, 3’s, and 1’s

I’ve been lifting via the 5/3/1 program since December 2011. In the last year, I’ve completed 8 months of lifting.

Consistent, not so much, but I was stalling enough in the last couple of months that I decided to recalculate my maxes last week.

When I started last December, I was still doing shoulder rehab (at home) thrice weekly. My shoulder hurt every day. Even trying to do an assisted pull-up would cause days’ worth of escalation of shoulder pain.

It’s hard to make a true assessment of my upper-body strength at the time, because so much is driven by the ability to strongly and painlessly rotate ones shoulders: pushups, pull-ups, rows, lifting objects higher than the waist, and raising anything overhead. Even crunches were painful–the curling motion is the exact opposite of the good posture I have to maintain to prevent the bone spur from grinding various things in my shoulder.

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