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This week’s internet cruising:

  • Big Rocks First: Double Your Productivity This Week – This is an old, old Zen Habits post (and one I read a long time ago), but I’m finding it necessary to think beyond the day-to-day MITs lately to get bigger things done. …Like, you know, the upcoming wedding posts and pictures.
  • Reader Story: How I Built My Own House — Without a Mortgage – Sustainability, small and frugal living, and willingness to be nontraditional. I'm still not interested in truly going off the grid, but his solar energy and house design ideas are interesting, and earth sheltered houses are adorable, although me being me, I’d worry about ground-loving bugs. I'm not sure if solar power is as helpful in North Carolina as out in Arizona (if I judged the landscape correctly).
  • Should you fly or drive on your summer vacation? – Greg and I have been thinking about planning for future vacations (my family was never a vacationing family). This article hits on some good considerations in flying vs. driving, although it doesn't really address a flyer's resistance to participating the sham of airport "security" as a major deterrent to flying.
  • School bans graduation "Bohemian Rhapsody" because Freddy Mercury was gay, but gives in after uproar – Seriously? "Wasilla High School officials said parents had complained that it was inappropriate for the school's symphonic jazz choir to perform 1975 smash "Bohemian Rhapsody" because Freddy Mercury, singer of the bombastic operatic rock act, was gay."
  • Jellyvampire :: Bloom Like an Artist – This is very cute and well done. Love the art style.

The Gunslinger (Re)born

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger BornThe Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born by Robin Furth

It’s been a while since I read the Dark Tower novels, but I was immensely impressed with the style and narrative of the first Dark Tower graphic novel. I don’t read much in the way of graphic novels, but I’m familiar with some of Peter David’s novels–yes, including the Star Trek ones–and figured the story couldn’t be too bad if he was involved in the adaptation of the series.

If the comic deviated mildly from the series in feel or details, I probably didn’t notice. I did definitely appreciate the faster and more consistent pacing over the novels. I wish the novels had been written with similar pacing.

The art hooked me first as I flipped through the book in the library. Lots of dark colors, lots of dramatic posing, and lots of glinty eyes. A bit over the top, but hell, it’s a comic. If it’d been more drab it’d have been too true to the novels. It was all gorgeous and gory and fitting with my imaginings of young Roland. The art also stayed marvelously consistent throughout this book–omnibuses are jarring when different artists were pulled in for individual issues.

The narration was the next big thing to hold my attention. Also a little over the top with the dialect, but it was more cute than annoying, and managed to not be confusing.

I enjoyed the presence of Alain and Cuthbert (who I barely remembered from the books), but the women other than Rhea were disappointing. Roland’s mother was a static Gothic figure, nothing more than a stricken-looking pawn between Roland and Marten. Susan… I hate to even get started on her. Her one flash of personality came when she threatened Roland with a knife, after which she went right back to being a whiny, powerless character. I can only hope she grows more personality as the series continues.

And yeah, I’m definitely getting my hands on the other collections in the series.

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Weekly linkage

This week’s internet cruising:

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Website Feedback – If I can wrap up and launch this damn character sheet app, stuff in this post will be handy for when it betas, especially the surveying. I suspect the LARPing audience will be sufficiently… opinionated to speak on it.
  • Six Useful CSS3 Tools – Some of these are pretty slick, if you're moving into CSS3 development.
  • Sharpening the blade, part MCMXVII: Nine Amazing Hours. – This is incredibly cool, and I plan to use it for a bit and see if it helps me focus.
  • Amazing Examples of Paper Art – I almost hate to link to this, in case Greg gets ideas for elaborate projects.
  • Python Business Rules Engine – Lott raises a good point about handling complex business rules, in that it's (often) cleaner and simpler to go ahead and incorporate complex business rules into the app itself rather than writing a parser to allow external entry. In my case, I have such a small user base on the side that would have been entering these rules that it's just as fine for me to do a small code release for any games added with these validation rules in them.
  • YouTube – Turkish male belly dancer "diva" – Major glitter warning, here. Major. This may be the first male bellydancer I've ever seen who wasn't mocking dancing, and he's very good. I don't like the music or the dissolve and swirling transitions, though. Or the glitter. That's a lot of glitter.
  • Amazon S3 and CloudFront with WordPress and DreamHost | .larre – This is quite a cool plugin. Not the quickest to set up with CloudFront, minifying, and combining, but worth the effort, even just for the hell of it.
  • Girl quits her job on dry erase board, emails entire office – This is apparently fake, but a cute read anyway. I’d advise against airing dirty laundry like that, though.

Quasi-daily linkage

Quasi-daily linkage