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Shorn grass and blueberry beer

…I may have killed the grass when I cut it. It was only after the cutting that we read that the grass shouldn’t be cut on the mower’s lowest setting.

…Now my grass is dying. o_o Maybe it’s just the weeds that are turning all yellow.

Luckily, I picked up some bermuda seed at the store yesterday to fill in some bare patches — I can just do the whole yard if it all dies.

I also tried the Sea Dog Blueberry beer last night with our grilled teriyaki chicken and veggies. Took me a minute to warm up to it, but I liked it alright. Not as initially bitter as the Pyramid apricot, but still not as good as the Wailua. I’d buy it again, though.

Of course, the bottle was past its expiration date (2/2009), so I’m not sure if that affected the taste at all. My boss says you have to move (i.e., drink) beer within a couple of months of it being drinkable and February is more than a couple of months away from June.

So the slight bit of sourness could have been the blueberries or the age. Either way, it was okay.

Pyramid Apricot beer

Very bitter. Like, shudder-when-you-drink-it bitter.

Greg and I took it on a picnic with us — cheeseburgers, fries, cookies, water, and apricot beer. (We found out later that no alcoholic beverages are allowed at parks in Charlotte. Oops.) So we’re sipping on it, cringing, not liking it very much…

…Until we start eating the cookies.

I evidently don’t understand taste chemistry as well as I thought I did, because I was expecting a donuts-and-OJ effect: more bitterness. But the cookies actually smoothed away almost all the bitterness into something much more palatable.

Greg was much more a fan than I was, but I would definitely try it again if I planned it with a sweet meal.