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Cars. With Coffee.

Mark K.Charlotte is a city cool enough to have a Cars and Coffee event monthly. As the weather gets colder, the turnout seems to be reducing, but I went this weekend and had a blast.

I’m not very knowledgeable about the innards of cars, but courtesy of C&C, I’m learning. M.K. (and the friend of his I met this weekend) is more than happy to pontificate on the differences between the LS3 and LS4 engines, as well as the pros and cons of an M-series BMWs vs. the more tedious 1-series. I’m happy to absorb it all–even in the cold–with the comfort of my home-brewed coffee.

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Showing Support: Where’s the Money?

I find myself saying things like, “I support the alternative fuel (particularly electric) car movement. I’d love to test drive a Volt, or own a Prius. Some day, when they’re cheaper, I will.” (Or, in a variation: “No way would I pay $35k for a car, but I mos def support the move away from gasoline.”)

But what’s the point of believing I support the direction of the industry (despite its flaws) if I’m not putting money into it to actually support it? It won’t go anywhere if people don’t spend money on the things.

Fer skerious, though, there’s no way I’m spending $35k on a car.

Not sure what the happy medium is.

Speaking of “support” (not really), I just ran a 2-hour fantasy one-shot in the Tri-Stat dX system for people who’ve never roleplayed ever before. It had been a while since I ran or played Tri-Stat (a few years), and there’s nothing quite like creating 14 characters in one night to highlight the flaws of a character creation process. Oy.

I’m writing up the mini-adventure (which could easily expand to be 4 hours; we couldn’t really fit in a full combat with their approach) to post here, but it may be a couple of days. I’m tired of looking at the damn thing.

Weekly Linkage: The Long Edition

At some point in the last 2 weeks, I had 0 unread items in Google Reader.

It was a short-lived, joyous experience, but this is the result of my web branching:

On small houses:

I totally hadn’t realized that tiny houses are illegal/violate zoning. I knew they were tricky to place, but I figured if you buy a patch of land somewhere, you could put whatever kind of house on it you wanted.
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Weekly Linkage: Stockholm Trolls

Um… it’ll make sense as you read.

Weekly Linkage: The Personal Finance Edition

The notables in this week’s internet cruising were mostly in personal finance. Surprise, surprise.

I picked up a couple of books from the library yesterday:

  • Generation Earn by Kimberly Palmer. I’m neck deep in this one already, and really liking her approach. Less conservative than Dave Ramsey, less passionate as well, but it’s not geared at those struggling and drowning, it’s geared at those of us able to look a little longer term.
  • The Bogleheads’ Guide to Retirement Planning (by a ton of folks). I’ve read a fair amount of their stuff on their wiki, but want to get a feel for their approach in a more sequential fashion.
  • The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley and William Danko, which I’m long past overdue to read.

And then there are the internets:
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