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Using Google Assistant with Habitica

So here’s what I did instead of finishing part two of my video game post (or doing FPG work) last night: I got a little service in place so that I can use Google Assistant to add tasks to Habitica, my (adorable) task tracking system.

I quite often think of to dos while I’m driving, and haven’t had a good way to get them into Habitica. They’re often quick, contextual thoughts that won’t stick around, like a reminder to check if there’s a Beat Saber map for a song or artist I’m listening to, or a note to check out a game from a podcast I’m listening to.

It’s best, of course, if I don’t have to touch my phone at all to get the task in, which rules out voice-to-text keyboards. Google Assistant and IFTTT are natural components to make that happen, since I’m an Android user.

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