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OpenID: why is this so complicated?!

So, I set up a Google Profile in the hopes that I could centralize my identity on the intarwubs using this new-fangled OpenID thing.

My first target was Yahoo(!). I know, Yahoo is so not cool, but the Charlotte Camarilla LARPs have their mailing lists there. (Side note: I would totally host and maintain forums on a server for them. Mailing lists are so 1998.). I just wanted to start to sign in with my Google info, because I hate making 15 different profiles. Even Facebook Connect would be fine.

Turns out I’m stuck using my antiquated Yahoo(!) account for that (and Flickr). Of course, it wants to be my OpenID, too.

I know OpenID is supposed to be (in part) about taking ownership for URIs, but I’m not greedy. I only want ownership of a couple: irrsinn.net and some other beast with all that stupid profile info (like the Google profile I constructed, or Facebook) that can identify me other places.

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