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    Tip o’ the Day: eTapestry and NuSOAP 0.9.5

    This is my first usage of NuSoap, and in crafting up my current eTapesty API integration project, I kept getting the following WSDL error: wsdl error: XML error parsing WSDL from https://sna.etapestry.com/v2messaging/service?WSDL on line 1: Not well-formed (invalid token)

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    Tumblr Integration in PHP4

    Turns out: totally not worth the effort in this case. I’m working on an NPO site right now whose code concerns me more and more as I get into it. I’m new to the group and don’t have a whole lot of time to devote to the site, but one of my first tasks was to get the owner’s recent Tumblr posts to show on the homepage.

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    Quasi-daily linkage

    Windows 7: PHP can’t connect to localhost for mySQL – An issue that I have good reason to suspect has tied up a dev or two for many hours. Windows 7 needs to have a certain entry in the hosts file uncommented to allow PHP to connect to localhost. Why I’d Rather See My Book in a Public Library than a Large Bookstore By Stephanie Ann – A really nice perspective on how to distribute books. If you're writing a book on frugal living, are you still trying to make a living off of it? Spinning right wrong – Heather spins a great tale. "But then an alien spaceship flew…

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    WordPress PHP injection?

    I just found a creepy case of injection in my index.php file. I noticed this morning that my homepage was throwing a “headers already sent” message pointing to index.php, line 10 when it wasn’t cached by Supercache. A reload of the page cleaned it up. But my RSS feed (which currently goes through Feedburner) was also trashed, and /feed wasn’t redirecting. All with the same error. Disabling Supercache fixed the homepage warning, but not the feed. Being PHP awesome, I checked index.php for trailing whitespace, and found this snippet of code above the standard WordPress code: That’s a problem. That forum file is, as you might expect, a crap ton…