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Good reads

It’s been a loooong time since I posted some good reading.

5 Things I Learned as the Internet’s Most Hated Person | Cracked.com
"I watched every avenue of social media suddenly blow up with messages of abject hatred from thousands of strangers. For the first five days, I couldn't sleep. Every time I would start to doze off, I'd be shocked awake from half-asleep nightmares about everyone I love buying into the mob's bullshit and abandoning me. The ceaseless barrage of random people sending you disgusting shit is initially impossible to drown out — it was constant, loud, and it became my life."
They Are Not Trolls. They Are Men. | Make Me a Sammich
"By calling these people “trolls,” we are basically letting them off the hook. It’s a lot like the “boys will be boys” mentality that helps to keep rape culture thriving, but it’s also different, because boys are expected to be human. By calling these people “trolls,” we relegate them to non-human status, and we make it clear that we don’t expect them to live up to the same behavioral standards as human beings." Continue reading Good reads

YouTube + rap = time gone…

A secret shame (one of many): I can spend hours watching freestyling on YouTube. If I hear some random rapper on Pandora, the next thing I know I’m watching stuff like the ones below and laughing at a whole slew of things they might not’ve intended to be funny.

(The second rapper in this video is a kid I heard on Pandora doing “Chip Diddy Chip“. The first guy I could do without…)


British accents let rappers put an odd twist on their rhymes — they can put lines together that kind of twist my brain a little. It’s fun.

Is Soulja Boy Ze Frank inspired?

I think it’s pretty obvious that Soulja Boy is a child of the internet. He has music videos of people watching his videos on youtube and all that.

Jay Smooth did a video a while back about Soulja Boy stealing some song. I can’t embed it, but watch from 0:30 to about 0:40 of this.

Then watch the Ze Frank dancing here (especially “Strutting It” and “Stop it Silly”) and here and tell me there’s not a marked resemblance.

I knew there was something familiar about SB’s dancing the first time I saw that mess. At the time, though, I was watching my high school students do the dances, and I was laughing too hard to make the connection.